Best African Holiday Destinations -
The Places Where Real Paradise Exists

By Ellen Tyler  | Submitted On July 02, 2010

Africa is well thought-out to be the best vacation spot as it provides so many facilities to the tourists. It possesses several marvelous attractions, which can be discovered by the tourists. These attractions include some fabulous beaches and few historical sites. The views of this exciting tour are surely a worth watch. So, if you have decided to go on a trip to the Africa, there is a list for you, which include various African beach holiday destinations to spend your holidays. Now, have a look on them.


1. Zanzibar 
Zanzibar is actually an island that is located in Indian Ocean. It is placed at a distance of 35 kilometers from the Dar-es-Salaam. Zanzibar Island is famous for few exotic beach places. The turquoise water of this island offers a number of water activities such as diving and swimming. The exciting activity of scuba diving is very popular here. This place is just like a heaven on this earth. You can also get a number of lodging options that will suit your budget.


2. Marrakech, Morocco 
The famous place of Marrakech is placed in the spirit of Morocco providing many sightseeing alternatives. The best thing of this place is amazing shopping hubs. Here, one can take pleasure from the numerous markets occupied by marvelous carpets. The lovely gardens present in this place are must to tour. You can also take pleasure from the experience of horse riding. The ideal times to visit this African beach holiday destination are the months of May and September.


3. Cape Town in South Africa 
Your tour is unfinished if you do not tour Cape Town. This is placed in South Africa, which is known as the country of Table Mountain. Just travel to the peak level and feel an enchanting experience. The place of Cape Town is highly praised for finest diversity of wines. The activity of whale watching is extremely enjoyed by tourists. Also, a number of shopping malls are available here. These are really too much fantastic and inspiring. You can find an endless list of activities here.


4. Timbuktu, Mali 
The place of Timbuktu is actually the western African country located in Mali. This is located at 250 kilometers away from Mali or the visitors can also use the second alternative and that is via boat commencing the river of Niger. This place is considered the remote location of the globe. It is mostly popular for the work of handicrafts. Ardent travellers always pick this place as one of the best African beach holiday destinations.


5. Victoria Falls, Zambia 
The best among all fascinating sites of the world is the waterfall of Victoria. This fall consists of two famous national parks known as Victoria Falls National Park and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. The atmosphere of this place is really exciting. It consists of the beautiful views of cascading water flows.


So, these are the locations, which offer you a lot of fun and happiness. Just try them.